Anxiety is commonly considered as a form of negativity, it is something people want to get rid of. We associate anxiety with dismantling, destructing, and demolishing. If someone is anxious, we probably will tell him to chill and forget it.

It is as if anxiety shouldn’t exist in the beginning.

‘Knowledge is power,’ some say. Individual ability has always been embraced; we praise and admire the brightest people in different fields. Sensically, we want to attain eminent ability as they do, but what if I tell you that individual ability has been drastically overrated?

Before looking into capability, let’s think…

Wherever there are people, there are arguments.

People’s opinion sparks— in reality or on the web, with family or with strangers, about who’s going to wash dishes or whether a law should be passed. When numerous opinions of different sides clash together, only a few will survive and be adhered…


Right now, you are reading this article with a sophisticated device that nobody could imagine 20 years ago. If you could travel back in time with a modern computer, people may be more intrigued by the computer than the time machine.

Science and technology have made huge progress in the…

What Should You Know About The Illusion of Knowledge

Humanity is incredible: we harnessed the energy we need from nature, found ways to fly over land and seas, and managed to sent machines over the solar system. However, any human individual is ignorant — we are less knowledgeable than we usually perceive.

In today's world, everyone must acquiesce to…

Perception Vs Logic

What Affects Our Decisions?

Every day, we make hundreds of decisions determining what future we will live in — something that affects us the most. But what affects how the decisions are made? There are two: perception and logic.

Making Decision With Perception

Many people will deny it, but perception is by far the most imperative factor affecting…

What to Believe?

Right or Wrong?

We encounter a lot of arguments every day, they can be as simple as an invitation to attend a party, or persuasion to quit bad habits. Arguments are something that can affect our attitudes and actions, which means that we better handle them carefully.

An imperative component of arguments is…


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